100 Million Immigrants Since the 1990s? A Look into the Elusive Enigma of US Demographics

By Prof Suebi Paraplevo
Feb 2, 2018


•1990 population: 250 million
•Native fertility rate below replacement level
•2020 population: 350 million
•Sans immigration, 2020 population would be around 200 million

How did the US population increase from 250 million to 350 million, when the native fertility rate is below replacement level?

Immigration is the source of population growth in the US. In 2020, without immigration since 1990, the US population would be less than 250 million and close to around 200 million, due to negative fertility rate. The 100 million difference in population from 1990 to 2020 is entirely a result of immigration, since the native negative fertility rate would have resulted in a population around 200 million, sans immigration.

In 1986, Reagan Amnesty legalized more than 5 million adult migrants, while 50+ million adult migrants were imported under Bush Jr (2000-2008). During this period, migrants produced progeny over replacement level, often including anchor babies. In 2020, the overall population of these migrants and their descendants would range from 65 million to over 100 million.

The US demographics statistics is murky. It does not include visa holders, students, overstayers, tourists, illegals etc... It has a history of undercounting, as well as misinterpreting many African, Asian, and Latino groups as White/Caucasian. Considering the faults in US statistics, the official estimates of demographics, as of 2015, are as follows: 60 million Hispanics, 20 million Asians, 10 million Caribbeans,10 million Middle Easterns, 10 million Multiracials, and 40 million African Americans, which leaves a total of 150 million minorities. Discounting native African Americans, we arrive at 100 million (historically insignificant) minorities in US, which agrees with the same number of the previous estimate accounting for the difference in population from 250 million (1990) to 350 million (2020).

Considering that in 1990, Whites were more than 84% (210 million) of the population, we see a decline in native White population and a drastic surge in minority population since 1990. So we have established that atleast 100 million foreigners and their progeny were the cause of increase in population from 250 million (1990) to 350 million (2020).

100 million immigrants and progeny since 1990 is a low bound, based on 2015 statistics and beauracratic gaps that undercount the true number. As mentioned earlier, the true Hispanic population is over 90 million. The Asian/Indian population is closer to 30 million. The Middle Eastern population is closer to 15 million. The Caribbean population is closer to 15 million. Correcting the faults of US statistics, we arrive at 150 million minorities (not including African Americans). With these more realistic numbers, the White population is now a minority at 160 million, a decline of 50 million from 1990. The socioeconomic crises resulting in opioid/suicide/homeless/cancer epidemics spanning the recent decades does reflect the huge death toll of Whites.

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Chaim Babayev:
Leaked Amazon Whole Foods Docs: Workforce Diversity Helps Prevent Unions.

Also to consider: post-1990s Service economy based on tourism resulted in massive tourist population in NYC/Cali. More than 50 million tourists a year in NYC. Tourism was a small sector pre-2000s compared to post-1990s. If tourists are counted as part of population, the US population would exceed 400 million.
   they easily replenish the supply by just bringing in entire nations from africa/asia. its literally nothing


Anãtôly Pôlãnskýý:
They suicide regularly.
Forgotten generation
all die young?
Because life expectancy is actually a backward looking stat. Real life expectancy for millennials will be in the 50s.

 Rockefeller pushed for destruction of American families and birth rates


Don’t listen to any Americans who tell you America is 70% white or even le 56% white. It’s not true. This country is probably around 35-40% white. The thing is Arabs, Chinese, Indians , many latins , etc put down white on the census.

when population growth is undocumented and illegal squatters spawning unaccounted spawns everywhere



>They've been claiming 11 million since the 80s

there's around 60 million illegal invaders in the usa right now and don't forget the 60 million babies they shit out which are not covered by the 14th amendment.

60 million is accurate. go into any neighborhood now and it looks like Guatemala or Venezuela. 

the main issue with illegals, besides lawlessness, is that they have created a housing shortage. but in the end all this lawlessness will be the downfall of america as it decends into anarchy. America today is a lawless nation and all you need to see for proof is all these illegal running around


Eugene Ostrovski:
In 1998, Bill Clinton, in an infamous address to students at Portland State University, remarked:

Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California. In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States. No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time ... [These immigrants] are energizing our culture and broadening our vision of the world. They are renewing our most basic values and reminding us all of what it truly means to be American.

Clinton's comments were included in Buchanan's 2001 book, The Death of the West, Buchanan wrote: “Mr. Clinton assured us that it will be a better America when we are all minorities and realize true ‘diversity.’ Well, those students [at Portland State] are going to find out, for they will spend their golden years in a Third World America.”

Devin Bracco:
They dare not call it genocide...

Aharon Yahoo NY:
So the plan is to compete w/ India/China by importing them... how bout 1 billion in the US by 2030?

The collapse of the Soviet Union was the peak of the USA. We spent the Russians to death, and then spent the next twenty years selling ourselves to the Mexicans and the Chinese for pennies on the dollar ensuring our citizens would live in poverty forever while the very wealthy few flee to New Zealand with the profits.

Californian here, theres literally a White homeless person on every street light begging for money. No one gives a shit though. And they're all white homeless people too.

The homeless problem wouldn't be as bad if the immigrants weren't hyper inflating the cost of living.
the flood of new Amerikkkans are living shacked up 20 deep to a house.
the flood of old Amerikkans are living homeless 20 million deep since 2000.
Just think how many deaths could have been avoided over the 3 decades if globalist traitors weren't obsessed with importing voters to shore up their crumbling base

Malcolm Brooktech:
Mexico has doubled its population 3x in the last 30 years. Every 10 years Mexico doubles its population and thats with a mortality rate of 50% for children under age 10. So when they come to US, they don’t have that mortality rate but there is still having babies – every 13 year-old girl already has a baby. And that’s their ticket to ride White dick – that’s their belief. The point is between Mexico and the United States, there are two countries in the world that are billion population countries. there is China, there is India. US has the third highest population. And we have officially 324 million people – its probably closer to 400 million but Mexico is probably pushing 150 million now. They don’t keep a decent Census. The last real Cencus was probably about 8 years ago at 2010. They said it was a 107 million, and that has probably closed to doubled at this time. So between the US and Mexico, there is a half a billion people here. And literally – and its not due to the United States native population that was here ten years ago. It is strictly due to immigrant over-population. So that says that within the next ten years, we’re going to be pushing a population 7 – 8 hundred million people in this country (United States). It can’t happen (work) – there is not enough room – and the massive explosion of population – its in Africa, quite a few countries – there is the Mid-East, quite a few countries – and of course China and India are just going crazy. But really, we don’t have a lot of influx from China and India. We do in the sense of technicians working in industries where they’re contractors. But the Mexican population that is comming in typically has no skills, and the peroblem is the expansive – explosive population growth that we can’t handle. And most of this population growth in Mexico, and in the population in the United States, are kids under ten years-old. They are not visible on the radar.

America has fucktons of larping latinos so nobody really knows: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/22/upshot/more-hispanics-declaring-themselves-white.html

Dani Haadas:
We've known this for decades, the 11 gorillion number was a meme that hasn't changed since the 90s. This is why amnesty is completely off the table and if it ever gets pushed then all means must be used to stop it

They have been saying 11 million since the 90's and we get around 1 million illegals a year, and they spawn 5 turds. Y'all can do the math.

 We'll know more once the 2020 census data is released (not about illegals, obviously), but I've suspected for the last 5 years or so that our population is closer to 400 million than it is to 350 million.

And there is more than 22 million. At least 50 million - 100 million if you count illegals having kids.

    Around 40% of the US population is most likely illegals. So if the US population is 350 million, then 140 million are illegal. If it's 400 million, then the number is more like 160,000,000 illegals

If they were to come forward with the truth, and claim a number of around 100 million out of 400 million, almonds really get activated.

We literally got invaded by another country, and weren't allowed to defend ourselves. 

>20 million illegal immigrants
nah, it is probably 50 million, not counting their anchor children and grandchildren (80million after that)

I am an OTR trucker, I can guarantee you that overall america is no higher than 40% european stock. Anglosaxon? Probably 10-15% at the absolute most.

Things look better if you cut out both coasts, but not much better. All cities are the same nomwhite diversity filled shitholes, literally all of them in the country.

it's bad

it isn't ridiculous at all, american stats are GARBAGE - dod and all the rest have been seeding MILLIONS of mexicans across the country to the small towns, and those mexicans have kids in those small towns and ignore the farcicle court dates

legit there is probably, between anchors and illegals, 100 million in here

I have gone to middle of BUMFUCK NOWHERE rural town and the only children are brown aztecas and the stores are all taco shops

america is 100000000000% fucked

Mark Geller:
From 2004

In 2005 the bank Bear Stearns, estimated there were 20 million illegal aliens ; the link to the study is now deleted

The number is higher than 100 million

Mark Tsai:
It was 40 million when Bush was president

Lmao there are atleast 60 million illegal spics in this country.

I promise you that the "11 million illegals" is a meme the Left has been saying since the late 1980's. I know because I remember. Note also that none of these studies count the newborn children of illegals as illegals, although many think they should. There are probably close to 80 million.

They knew this years ago. I was told by an official prior to the 2016 the actual number is around 90 million. There are small schools in the middle of America that would have double the students show up for first day of school because people in the neighborhood told them the first day of school was coming and illegals just thought they could send their kids to school on the first day and there would be no problems.

It's actually more like 200 million at this point if u count all the border babies

i've heard the 50 million number before, and that isn't even counting all the "legal" spics and all the kids of illegals +legals

spicland has to be fucking completely empty for how many of them moved here. CA used to be 98% white, now it's 30%. this is a god damned invasion.

>undocumented migrants
They are using their purposefully detailed words on purpose. This claims 22 million came in as illegals, but since when though? That is the important detail missing. They breed like rabbits, and 1 million more come in each year. They said the 11 million, so 22 million, number 40 years ago, at least.

That's probably not even counting all of the kids they shit out. If they have 8 kids each they're all considered legal.

Leonard Vishnevski:
 My parents lived in California in the 80's, and they told me that one day they went outside, and on the street was like a massive parade, of illegals just walking into California, border crossings... said after that it happened every Friday. Just waves, and waves, and waves of illegals walking together into California.

California started sinking with spics. I really miss California, it used to be such a beautiful state, maybe the best one in this country. 

Joey Knorr:
Their US born turds will never be counted as anything other than proud American citizens. Just like you and me and all the other Whites that have been here for 2 to 3 hundred years.

I hate illegals so bad. I'm from a small town in the pacific northwest and it has turned into spic central. It was 99.9% White when I was a kid in the 90s. It's not 40% beaner. I've now lived in the Southwest for 15 years. The entire southwest is being transformed into Mexico and they are spreading across the entire US. 

 I wonder what the spics really cost the US, and why it's kept so top secret. I've read those 22 million cost us $300 billion/year. So they easily cost trillions in tax money.


Joey Knorr:
Can someone explain to me how a country like Mexico, with a population of 130m and growth of less than 1% is invading the US with 20m+ illegals plus even more that come legally?
Seriously, we have 200m+ non-hispanic whites in America wtf is happening to us?

pre-1980s california makes me nostalgic for a place i've never been. 


Joey Knorr:
Its not joke. I saw entire cities ethnically cleansed. Combined with their anti white hate laws it lead to the total destruction of family creation.
In US in 40 years they have successfully ethnically cleansed the white population. The entire Western civilization really.

Not many decades. It happened over two decades in the US to a significant degree. I was alive in the 80s and 90s, and between 2000 and today it's like night and day. I doubt any nation/nation-like entity has gone through this rapid pace of ethnic replacement in history except as a result of conquest by an enemy power.

Literally, the US has undergone *the* most rapid and extreme ethnic replacement campaign in world history, and all the boomers and guns did absolutely nothing about it except elect an orange conman who pushes a poison vaccine. If nothing's happened so far, nothing will ever happen.


Joey Knorr:

In california, this is accurate. All the white people i know died of drug overdoses. Beaners have been the majority for a long time. When i was growing up this wasnt the case.

Sometimes I wonder where all the whites went. I like to think theres some secret whites only mass grave in the US.


Joey Knorr:
The "worker shortage" propaganda has been incessant for months now. Americas workforce participation rate is at 60% about the historical norm since the 1980 so nothing has actually changed with worker availability. So the only reasonable explanation is that they are either trying to reduce wages, subvert America, or genocide the white race. Either way this is bad for white American workers. Real bad.

    >worker shortage
    >every entry level job has 50 applicants and requires 3 years experience


Joey Knorr:
    More construction workers to build places for all the construction workers theyre bringing over


    >If we don't import millions of third world immigrants every year the GDP will stop growing
    >Green arrow has to always go up! Never down! Red arrow bad!

construction wages have been depressed because of  immigration
i have personally worked with mexicans who were paid scandalous wages because they were foreigners. the boomer contractors knowingly hire these guys at low rates because they know that they are desperate
the boomer contractors use their discount skilled crew to undercut all legitimate competition. i have also personally experienced being outbid so low that we couldn't cover our overhead if we took the job
any discussion about the topic is intentionally obfuscated by claims of racism as if the mexican workers dreamed of one day travelling to america so some geriatric can take advantage of them


Joey Knorr:
Remember non-spic white includes arabs and poos. Drive through any school playground and you won't see a single white child.
We have been genocided. The chabad has won.

Daily reminder that whites became an absolute minority in the United States close to a decade ago. You've seen how the FBI pads the white crime stats. You've seen how brazen the anti-whiteness is. Why do you think they are being so aggressive now when they are supposedly so outnumbered. Because they're not, WHITES are. We LOST the demographic struggle years ago. 

Raisa Cohen:
dubya destroyed the US with the wars and 70+ million beaner invasion

>beaners provide cheap labor and are therefore great
> Latinos are Republicans; they just don't know it yet 


Nixon goes globohomo on shitskins

> Help underdeveloped world to avoid flood of refugees

Guess what faggot? The US (West) has been entirely swamped by the locust invasion after all the trillions wasted in developing the subhumans


>Truman 4M deported 
>Eisenhower: deported 3M Mexicans


There are 500 million more Africans in the world today than there were in the year 2000. Enough Africans to totally recolonize Europe have poofed into existence just in the time since the Grand Theft Auto 3 came out.

our major industries are all 70% Indians\Asians/spics - who are ~60% of the world population while we[what media lambasts as 'white people' but also insists does not exist as a group] are 9% of world population - we will have completely lost the ability to collectively bargain.

The workers rights movement will be completely dead and defeated.

But hey, "diversity is our strength" - right? Infinite work competition from people willing to accept massive corruption and tiny paychecks is just great!




>What can Choyna even do to the West?
>End the diversity mass immigration wonderland?

China owns New Zealand, and New Zealand is contractually now obliged to replace their own population with chinese. That's what they can, and will happily do.

I was talking to my  uncle who has lived in Vegaas for years and the temperature at night alone has gone up 7 degrees in 20 years. The population also skyrocketed from 400,000 when I first moved here and now its 2.8 MILLION. 

    How did white supremacy become so infamous in the US when it was white supremacists that built the nation?


Dani Derfel:
blonde people have been reduced to only a small area in the midwest. america used to be 70% blonde in 1900s

    >the really big changes in 2000 were immigration policy changes.

    This, I remember maybe 2 years after 9/11 there was a MASSIVE increase in illegal immigrants. You'd see maybe 5 in a week, then suddenly there would be 100 standing outside Home Depot every morning waiting to get picked up as cheap illegal day labor. You'd think the USA PATRIOT ACT would have prevented this huh?

Football have been the downfall of nationalism in my opinion. Like Julius Caesar said bread and games its what the people need.
While hooligans retards are fighting for the niggerball we imported millions of migrants and nobody fought for that because they wasted their energy to support their retarded show.
You can still see proud "nationalists" boomers missing the Boulogne era they dont realise they have been fooled.

>"You are a bad person and racist for not wanting your suburb to be as densely populated as an Indian slum, do not blame trillionaire Jews, blame you neighbor who is also racist, goy"

Sharon Shvartzman:
During the Cold War years, the United States wasn't that diverse. Only significant minority was blacks. Large scale immigration only started in the 1990s. 

George HW Bush also signed the 1990 Immigration Law into effect. This one was nearly as bad as the 65 one. Conservatives are no better than liberals. 

H.W. Bush doubled immigration with the 1990 Immigration Act, and he left the borders open along with Clinton and Bush the Younger. Hart-Cellar was really bad but it was not enough on its own. Then with birthright citizenship, which exists nowhere else in the developed world save Canada, we created a veritable conveyor belt of brown babies. But hey, they're new consumers, and conservatism is all about "muh economy" now. 

330million US citizens and legal residents PLUS the 15% margin of error estimate for the illegals living there gives you 380million people ballpark. 


Sharon Shvartzman:
"Immigrants who came to live in Britain from outside Europe cost the public purse nearly £120 billion over 17 years, a new report has shown.

The major academic study also found, however, that recent immigration  – gave the economy a £4.4 billion boost over the same period.",

Because they take too many of the few jobs in UK that are available?

Sharon Shvartzman:
Canada was vast majority white anglos (95%+) until 1990. It doesnt take long to completely replace a population with third world garbage when thats what your leaders are intent on doing

>1980s, Canada was 98+% White
>2016, Canada was 53% White
>2019, Canada was 49% White
>2021 Canada is 35-39% White
>2030 Canada will be 20% White

>"muh collapse"
there is never going to be an economic collapse. just a slow, tedious descent into full bug-eating, pod-living globohomo tyranny

Sharon Shvartzman:
so you saw a foreign invader in your lands taking the wealth that should belong to your kith and kin, and neither soldiers nor police was doing anything about it? yes that does sound like traitors running things

>Unions are evil and workers don't have the right to high wages
>Corporations shouldn't be allowed to use cheap brown people labor to save costs
Pick one and only one

Sharon Shvartzman:
All according to plan. Pretty easy to see they are just creating a slave class.
1) Inflation because of 
2) Inflation can't stop because of 
3) We can't raise rates because of 
4) New generation can't afford housing
5) New generation can't afford to start a family / will refuse to do so where their kids won't have a standard of living close to what they did
6) Import immigrants to replace Whites and culture with hyper-competition and working like a slave for your friendly neighborhood overseer

>We've done nothing and there's nothing we can do!

Sharon Shvartzman:
Always the same formula:
>crapitalists bring in a massive immigrant "caravan"
>the media pretends it's a migrant climate crisis or whatever to prepare the goyim for what's coming
>the gov. admin. says they're dealing with it the best they can
>meanwhile RINOs will slightly raise their voice and say this has to be stopped or else!
>at the end, they all come in
>show's over
>rinse and repeat

Sharon Shvartzman:
They live in squalor because they are squalid people. They don't understand how a nice neighborhood is created. They don't understand sanitation, or build quality, or most things.
Some tiny tacos moved into my neighborhood. They're loud and dirty. They never pick up their trash, they leave standing water out like they're breeding mosquitoes, and they're generally annoyong.
The only reason they moved here is because a boomer sold a house to some chinks, and they're renting it to the tiny tacos

Sharon Shvartzman:
 Once an area becomes non-white it loses its glamour. Paris is no longer fancy. London is no longer posh. Los Angeles no longer has soul. The vibe of Moscow seems way cooler and more professional than any western Euro/American capital because white people get shit done. I want to know what all those grown white men in fancy suits are doing. Maybe they're starting an exciting new venture, maybe they're mafia, maybe they're working for Putin? On the other hand who gives a shit about the meddlings of mestizo goblins in LA or of muzzies in Berlin hanging out on the street corners harassing locals?

Sharon Shvartzman:
this discussion is futile. you wanted capitalism you asked for it. now you live with it and under it. you had your chance to become a big player with a voice. you failed and now the elite can do whatever the fuck they want to you. more migrantez to your community hahaha HAHAHAHAHA CRY ME A RIVER CATTLE

Sharon Shvartzman:
So the world has tried mass immigration for about 50 years now, we brought in a bunch of smart talented people who took our jobs and worked harder than us, it was hard at first, but now it should all pay off with the millions of jobs they've created... oh wait.

So if mass immigration works, where the hell are jobs? Shouldn't some of these extremely talented immigrants have created a bunch of jobs driving up wages and reducing inflation?