China: Origin of Pandemics? Asia: Natural Bioweapons Lab?

By Prof Serkhan Taleeb Abdurakhmanov
Feb 1, 2020


List of some epidemics started in Chinese environs:
•Multiple Black/bubonic plagues
•Spanish flu
•Wuhan Flu (Coronavirus-SARS-2)
•Start all the flus every year. Most influenza strains come from China. the 1st influenza pandemic occurred around 6000 BC in China.[201]
•Hong Kong flu
•Smallpox appeared in China in 1200 BC
•Swine flus (H3N2,H3N2...)
•Bird flus (H5N1, H7N3, H7N7, H7N9, H9N2...)
•Asian Flu in 1956
•Dengue fever
•Superbug drug-resistant pathogens
Some Indian epidemics:
•Multiple Cholera outbreaks
•Nipah virus
•Totally drug-resistant tuberculosis
•Drug-resistant Salmonella
•Superbug aka Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) drug-resistant pathogens
•Black/bubonic plagues

Why is China/Asia a pandemic hotspot?

According to Quora poster Chen Wen, it's not because of overpopulation and unsanitary conditions that breed pathogens, but merely because China is "cold" (like Canada, Russia, Europe).

This false claim is competely ignorant of basic geography/climatology.

More than half of China lies below the 36th parallel north. India, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Florida, Texas... all run below the 36th parallel, and all exhibit tropical/subtropical climates. Infact, Wuhan's climate is humid subtropical. Winters are mild in Wuhan. Hubei, Nanjing, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chengdu, Nanchang are also monsoonal humid subtropical climate. Summers are long, very hot and humid, and the winters are short, mild and dry. The majority of China is subtropical/tropical, just like India. Northeast India and much of North India are subject to a humid subtropical climate; New Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur and Patna are some subtropical regions of India. The sourthern part of China experiences a tropical climate to Vietnam, while the middle band of China experiences a subtropical climate similar to Nortern India, Guadalajara, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida; none of these places are considered cold. China's cold regions are mountainous Tibet, and Mongolian/Manchurian regions. The majority of China's population lives in the warm parts.

So, no, China is not cold and even if it was cold, other cold regions do not exhibit Chinese-like pandemic generation.

It's simply a sanitation+overpopulation issue. Aside from wet markets spreading exotic diseases in overcrowded areas, Chinese use night soil (human feces as fertilizer), which consist of human shit mixed with animal shit. This is how intestinal worms and diseases spread fast in China. Compost has alot of pathogens, and alot of shit produced by billions creates a natural bioweapons labratory.

Back in the 70's my biochem Prof at the University of Lahore told me that China was the perfect breeding ground for respiratory illnesses due to their rice paddy farming and raising wild animals and humans then recycling their excrements back into the tropical paddies (swamps) as fertilizer. Chinese also use human feces as fertilizer. There was basically no winter so they could raise 3 or 4 crops a year. A perfect petri dish for bacterial and viral mutations to arise, and arise they did...

India is no different and is historically a hotspot for pandemics just like any other overpopulated region. The issue has always been: overpopulation+unsanitation=epidemic; coupled with globalisation=PANDEMIC

Visitor Comments

Deepak Vipin Kumar:
caused almost every major epidemic in the past two centuries, including so-called Spanish Flu, which actually was endemic to china and only became a pandemic when it spread outside china.

Jorge Lopez:
plague homeland? All plagues come from Asia?
"The Asian Flu in 1956 killed between one and four million people worldwide. SARS in 2002 infected 8,098 and killed 774 in seventeen counties. H7N9 emerged ten years later to strike at least 1,223 people and kill four out of every ten of them." All of these diseases/viruses emerged from China.

The Black Death and Plague of Justinian also originated there.

Take a look at any given pandemic during the last 2000 years and you can trace it back to east Asia.

Dr. Schneerson:
Yes, east Asia have spawned at least 3 of massive outbreaks in the last 20 years. SARS, Bird Flu and...

Roman Vintfeld:
 2014 NatGeo article claims 1918 flu came from china 
they are world champions in bad hygienic practices and overpopulation

Eli Izrailov:
Reminder the first 3 plagues came from East Asia and wiped out 1/4th of the entire hum population. So far the influenza+sars has only killed 60m

Luke Holton:
Spanish flu likely originated in central china where it had been causing periodic epidemics for a decade before spreading to the rest of the world

this was the fourth or fifth major disease that’s come out of China since the turn of the century. We had SARS, H1N1 and MERS probably came from China and now we have COVID so this is–we have had AVIAN Flu–so this a recurring public health problem coming out of China

    Why do chinks act like opium fucked up their whole society when opium was legal in the U.K. until the early 20th century and they managed to be a world power

Alan Li:
Wuhan virus was an intentional operation of a Chinese government to remove Trump from the office.

Think about it. The year is 2019. Democrats have shit candidates, no platform and their collusion story falling apart. They have nothing to run against Trump.
Then suddenly new ebola starts to spread from you guessed it the country that Trump was going hardest against. Everyone tries to hush it, even democrats and libshit media don't make a big deal about it, WHO covers for China, all done so nobody closes borders with China immediately and the virus can spread freely. So it gains momentum, becomes a pandemic. 
Then BLM riots sweep the country.
Chinks effectively created an environment to steal the election.

This was the biggest crime of 21 century, in which China plunged tens of millions of people into poverty and killed millions beside, all so the can bribe democrats into canceling tariffs and lifting bans on their spyware corporations. And nobody is talking about it. And nothing will be done to those responsible.

There is strong evidence that China manipulated Indian run American media companies and stole the American election to install an Indian Vice President and pro Indian President.

So dont ask questions about the millions "donated" to Biden by Indian interest groups after openly promising to embrace and support India against China

William Chang Bensonhurst NY:
China is a major source of concern. Not only is the place a massive breeding ground for novel agents due to shitty agricultural practices, the proximity of humans to animals ensures that novel strains of influenza and other viruses will hop to humans and spread like wildfire.

It literally only takes one mutation of one virus to unleash a pandemic. Every infectious pig or bird is a little viral containment vessel that could birth the next plague.

Though I'd be surprised if China is actively doing large-scale tests on their population, it wouldn't surprise me. That said, China's biological weapons program is much much larger than the public or even experts in the field are aware of. They are almost certainly genetically engineering certain viruses (smallpox) to be vaccine immune, but they are probably also engineering them to be more lethal agents in general. We really don't know the full scale of China's biological weapons program but I would bet you wouldn't be able to sleep well if you knew its full scope.