Coronavirus Pandemic: Elaborate US Election Interference by China and Friends?

By Prof A Singh
Feb 12, 2020


•China coordinates spread of virus to topple Trump
•Bill Gates, Bezos, Bloomberg and the neoliberal establishment applaud China and attack Trump
•Nore Roubahani predicts coronavirus will destroy Trump by pro-Chinese leadership succeeding to Presidency

What is China's calculated motive for SARS-2?

According to Nore, Coronavirus crisis will lead to defeat of Trump by the pro-Chinese faction of the ruling elite. Trump, tarrifs, and anti-globalist populism has been a major pain to the rise of China and the coronavirus crisis is being managed to portray China as victorious, while chaos and death engulfs Trump's America. Compare China's coronavirus statistics with the US and you will understand China's motive is to humiliate Trump's US and setup Trump's US for failure. The Chinese and their globalist partners need the US to fail in this crisis. They will steal and deny PPE/masks to the US. They will attack HCQ to deny successful treatment for Americans. They will do everything to make US fail. China wants Trump and the populists gone! And SARS-2 is one tool they are using to interfere with the US election.

Who is in the pro-Chinese faction?

The pro-Chinese faction of the ruling elite are billionaires like Bill Gates, Bezos, Bush, Biden, Bloomberg, Clinton, Nixon, Reagan, Rockefeller, Feinstein... and thousands of other globalists who have private, vested financial and political partnership with foreign powers like China/India, and who seek to defend their partnership with China from populist insurgency.

Bill Gates defended China’s response to the coronavirus and Gates has emerged as a vocal counterweight to President Trump on the coronavirus.

Visitor Comments

Israel, Europe, Asia all using HCQ with success.
Globalists are literally only hating on it cause Trump pushed for it. If he didnt pharma, fauci, Gates, etc could have just brush it silently under the carpet. Now you can proactively watch them manipulating studies. Ungrateful fuck.

Lena Besfa:
 I live in a city of about 450k and HCQ is the standard treatment for covid in all the hospitals. Out cock sucker governor blocked it's use outside the ICU and he is being sued by several doctors and county health departments.

Stop pushing WHO/Gates/CCP propaganda. HCQ works incredibly well in India/Israel/Asia when administered in proper dosing

Samir Patel and Vipin:
Bloomberg, Gates, Biden= Chinese puppets