Pandemic Incoming!!

By Prof Ti Mothy Puczcz
25-31 Jan, 2020


•WHO suppressing China bioweapon
•Get ready!

Wtf is going on?

So I'm kind of glad I didn't say anything about it two days ago when I was tempted to post but I knew about this ahead of time. I decided against posting on Tuesday that WHO was about to declare a global emergency but I've still had mixed feelings and I can't be easily identified at this point so I'll let you know now that it's way worse than what you're being told. I'll preface this by saying I work in finance and have friends and family in the medical industry and field, including at CDC and one close friend at WHO.

For starters the Ro (pronounced R naught) is actually around 6, not 3. Secondly it's slightly more lethal in current form, with China covering up a LOT of the deaths by passing them off as heart attacks, pneumonia, kidney failure, all sorts of official causes to hide the real numbers. CDC and WHO are highly aware of this. You will also hear the phrase "confirmed cases." It's presently thought by epidemiologists that China surpassed 120,000 cases on Tuesday at the lowest; it is also possible they hit 100k over a week ago. All they know for sure is China definitely had at minimum 120,000 infections by Tuesday.

There are very high profile investors who've been silently pulling out ahead of time. Travel and tourism, the hospitality and service industries, these are just the most immediate and obvious. Manufacturing is about to go on a wild ride. The only "safe" industries to invest in right now are the biomedical fields and plastics oddly enough. Virtually all other industries are going to be massively hit and anybody in the know has been trying to do this as quietly as possible before SHTF partly to avoid insider trading allegations but more importantly to not start a panic.

This is also why CDC and WHO is hiding it. So far as they are concerned, no matter how bad the disease is, a panic is always going to be worse. This is also why a lot of economists are downplaying it or outright lying to you. in the next year or two.


In the coming months the disease is going to be sustaining infections globally including sustained local infections in virtually every major metropolitan center on earth by late May. US CDC and WHO are both projecting anywhere from 60,000 to 2 million deaths by early summer. Again, they are downplaying this because 2 million is not considered to be a lot of people, but that's under their assumption that they can stall the infections in every major urban zone.

Now for the bad part. They are expecting this thing to mutate further. Those results from the Australian lab are not good. This virus has a very high propensity to mutate into a highly lethal form and WHO is predicting a fairly probable likelihood that if it reaches certain bat populations in Brazil that it can jump to a 15% lethality rate. That means that the minute you hear about Rio or Brasilia or wherever reporting cases you need to immediately make sure you've got a month worth of supplies because it's going to start killing many millions of people. So far as people like WHO are concerned who deal with numbers like that all the time this isn't major and they're more concerned about lying to you that everything is not that bad because their calculus is that more people will die from refusing to seek medical treatment for anything from cancer to heart disease or other illnesses from hysteria over getting infected with this nCoV.


They are also highly aware of the fact that most countries particularly the US have no surge capacity. Basically what this means is that hospitals have a certain threshold of average occupied beds versus spare capacity in emergency events, and that a massive enough disaster can immediately render EMS useless. ALL of Hubei had already hit and surpassed the surge capacity of Chinese hospitals over a week ago. Presently a majority of Chinese major metropolitan areas are hitting surge capacity as we speak and you're going to know I was telling you the truth when reports of martial law being enforced throughout China enters the news in the following week or two.

This is a highly virulent disease whose spread is now estimated to be unstoppable in the bad but not worst case scenario. The markets are going to panic. Chinese markets have not initially opened yet which is why this is going to come as a major shock starting next week. It's going to floor the markets. People will remain blindly hopeful as things keep getting worse. If you've got major investments in the stock market you're going to get hosed. Pretty much what everybody who knows anything is expecting behind closed doors is that we're about to enter a major and possibly protracted recession. We're overstretched in a lot of areas so we've already been expecting some possible corrections here and there but what's been happening in China is going to tank their economy so bad that no matter how much state interference in the market and lying and desperate money printing the Chinese pull they're simply not going to manage to hide this one and it's going to ripple strongly throughout the Asian markets and finally wash us in the US and EU.

So what's the scenario?

Remember, the most optimistic prediction at this point is 60,000 people are going to get killed in the next few months. It's highly infectious with an R6, probable chance of further mutations, infectious during the prodromal phase, and it's airborne. The only reason you're not already seeing thousands of people confirmed outside of China yet is because the incubation period but believe me the WHO is already talking about how "problematic" modeling the Chinese response in Western countries is going to be, and the first country they want to try it out in is Italy. If it begins a large outbreak in a major Italian city they want to work through the Italian authorities and world health organizations to begin locking down Italian cities in a vain attempt to slow down the spread at least until they can develop and distribute vaccines, which btw is where you need to start investing.

The not just bad but scary case scenario is that they fail to contain it and that it also mutates in South America. This is going to be far, far worse than the Spanish flu if that happens and it's going to completely crash the global economy. This is concerned by world health authorities to be "only" 20.6-7% probable of happening however so as far as they're concerned they're taking it one step at a time not to start a panic, but it is estimated a one in five chance of over a hundred million people dying in the next year. Redfield is aware of this along with some other top American CDC staff and triaging the situation the situation according to that logic. Ask Kyle about this when you've got a chance. European health authorities do not seem fully debriefed on all this yet but WHO as far as I'm aware is where the numbers themselves mostly originated along with the models.

So hammer time?

I'm not saying to panic. I somewhat agree with them even. I just think it's a really shitty thing to not be sharing this information with the public because they arrogantly think we're all irrational and shouldn't be informed as they are. I'm a bit peeved with that we're rational and you're not attitude of some of these people.

But with that being said there's no stopping what's about to happen to the markets now and the only thing stopping it is by everybody like me telling the truth to our investors and then lying our pants off in public to everybody as we're trying to prevent a full scale panic as everyone understands the gravity of the situation and starts a mass sell off all at once, so it's become a me and mine mentality of a lot of people to advise your clients accordingly and pull the fuck out and into everything else even memecoin, gold, and government bonds before everybody else figures out what's happening because hey, if you're in a crowded concert and a fire is starting it makes more sense to quietly exit the building before anyone knows what's going on then shout fire and get trampled under the stamped right?

Just be aware of the key thing: Brazilian and other South American cities. If it spreads there too badly and they can't be contained then we're all fucked. Even without that happening tens of millions of people are probably about to be infected, and possibly even hundreds of millions within the next year or two.

Nice fanfic.

Listen I don't care if you believe me or not. No, I'm not going to specifically name names which of my close friends and family member work for WHO and CDC and are thus violating the media blackout. I'm also not going to post even the name or pics of stationary for the brokerage I work at, in that case not because of this as much as not wanting to get fired for posting. I've already gotten warnings about inappropriate use of company time and resources as it is so I'm posting from home. It's no sweat off my back I mean you can go out and set all your money on fire so far as I care. I just feel, almost something like guilt not talking about it. I figure fellow plebs aren't all bad and at least deserve enough of a heads up to protect your investments and other interests as well as your loved ones. I mean you're going to know I told you the truth in about a week one way or the other. Me not telling you about WHO being about to declare a global emergency is just whatever and let's me say the more important things about to go down than that. I don't think they're going to figure out who's been breaking all those gags and media blackout any time soon anyway.

Oh and if you have any hotel or airline investments, man do I feel bad for you bro.

What are you shorting and timing? When is the blackout likely to end?

Already told you right now it's all about plastics and biomed. You play this right you're going to be freaking rich with a small put. There's also rumors about going into textiles and disposable fabrics and things related to paper milling if we get enough of a pandemic panic but I think the concept is idiotic because yorue not just assuming people start burning their clothes practically but that a lot of that industry is in China. It's one of the stupidest rumors I heard yet and I think you're going to see catastrophic damage to those industries because there's so much of it relying on India and China.

Blackout? They're trying to calmly in I guess doctorly fashion you'd call it break the news slowly. You'll notice how long it took them to publicly declare the emergency.

I think the biggest thing you should've noticed is how much they overplayed how awesome China is and how much everything is under control. When they things being under control that hard it means it's in reality that bad and going to get that much worse. Simply stated, epidemiologists and people in the medical profession are quietly freaking out right now. They're also the most likely to get infected and then maybe infect their loved ones so I don't blame them.

Don't expect official numbers to start getting published by world health authorities about the truth in China any time soon. Possibly not even until after the happening is already ending. What you're going to see is massive amounts of person to person transmission throughout the West over the next three weeks and that they cant cover up, only manage the message.

What is the higher up considering currency?

Euros. You have no idea how much of my assets I've already dropped into euros. The US is particularly going to get fucked hard by this. People are going to start dropping in the streets because they're too scared of doctor bills, our surge capacity is absolutely TERRIBLE, our state level agencies are not coordinated enough, there is no possibility at all of quarantine and any deaths from this nCoV are going to pale in comparison to the civil unrest from basically trying to enforce martial law. All the dindu and poorfag neighborhoods are going to be a problem and hellholes like LA are going to spread it like wildfire, which is pretty terrifying that one of the first US cases was LA. It'll burn right through the hobo slums and junkie tent cities.

Again we'll bounce back but whatever government bonds I have, eh. I mean the real big thing is how deeply involved we are in China and this is really going to do catastrophic damage to their economy and by extension to us. I've got a property on European soil and some euro liquid assets so while I'm moving stuff to safe havens I'm not terribly worried but I know I'm still getting hosed and just hoping to make enough profit off this tragedy or opportunity depending how you see it to offset my losses and maybe even get ahead, but man the economy is going to be super sluggish for awhile and that's being optimistic. Markets probably won't even recover until like September 2020. At least, most likely. Expect things to be worse than 2008-2009 level of bad if we get Brazilian bats in the mix. Then it may not be until like 2022 the global economy is recovering.

I want to short the market. Will it begin to collapse in February?


Why did the disease originate in Wuhan?

Coronavirus is a BIOWEAPON. Because China has a bioweapon lab there. have a 2 week incubation period was designed to spread as fast as possible prior to detection fot maximum impact. China quarantining 50 million people for a disease that has infected 1000 people and killed 50. China is fully aware of the life cycle of the disease. They know just how deadly it is. A reaction to an unknown disease would be much less severe.

Visitor Comments

Brian Shannow Shannon:
Very High politics are behind the entire thing. It was a bio weapon deigned to kill humans from North America. Bio engineering a weapon to kill North Americans for the Han take over. 

Linda Hamlen:
You have no idea how right you are.

The virus was created by stitching together around six different viruses, based around coronavirus WIV1. The idea arose out of SARS in 2005 (which was naturally occurring). The concept was for a keyhole virus targeting the respiratory systems of specific populations. Death was not the point so much as total medium-term debilitation. It wasn't really about creating corpses; it was about overwhelming the other side's health and civil contingency systems. Since it was not primarily intended to be a killer virus, it was hoped that this would mean no-one noticed our breach of the Biological Weapons Convention.

The disease was intended to be easily spread but not to be noticed. The ideal virus was going to be contagious from day 1 but essentially asymptomatic for about four weeks. This would allow maximum spread. The original project blueprint envisioned the patient suffering a totally debilitating, potentially fatal, outcome withing three days of symptoms emerging. Doctors would not know that an illness existed until suddenly thousands of people showed up with flu. Then just as they understood that they were dealing with a new SARS-type virus (but much more virulent and easily spread), they would be crushed by the cascade of sick as new cases emerged.

The original project blueprint, however, also called for the virus to be ineffective against certain specific ethnicities. As we can see from the Wuhan leak, we failed in that respect. In point of fact, we failed in most elements of the project. But we did create what the Central Military Commission demanded - a working SARS-type virus. What a pity we lost control it.

The last time we made such a mistake was in the 1980s when a lab leak caused outbreaks of haemorrhagic fever. The scientists responsible ended up in shallow graves outside Erenhot. I suppose I will join them soon enough. This leak was a severe error.