The Slow and Steady Birth of a Global Housing Bubble

By Prof Shah Xir Khan
Dec 21, 2003


•By 1998, Guiliani successfully cleans out u̶n̶d̶e̶s̶i̶r̶a̶b̶le̶s̶ native NYers and attracts megacorps
•Pre-2000s: Oligarchs buy up NYC properties for cheap
•1999: Usenet posts detailing nascent housing bubble in Manhattan, predicting biggest housing bubble engulfing the nation
•2000: Clinton publicizes move to Harlem, kickstarting gentrification hipster movement
•2001: 9/11 causes exodus of remaining u̶n̶d̶e̶s̶i̶r̶a̶b̶le̶s̶ native NYers as media deceivingly pushes rumors of corporations fleeing NYC
•2002: Publicity campaign effort to popularize housing mania with TV shows (Extreme Makeover, NYC Walk series)
•2003: Bush opens borders and pushes housing for all

It's 2003, what's funky with housing?

Back in 1999-2000, upscale housing in Silicon Valley and Manhattan were seeing a steady, modest rise in prices, but this was a local phenomenon. Housing was affordable at $150k for a middle-class house in NYC/Cali. At this time, there were Usenet posts and internet articles detailing a coming of the biggest, baddest housing bubble in entire history. It detailed a long-term pattern of decreasing interest rates, increasing debt, increasing migration, increasing foreign investment and predicted that this will inflate a housing bubble supernova, eclipsing all other bubbles. It advised to withhold from the housing market until after the bubble popped (predicting somewhere during 2007-2010).

Then the Enron-Dot-com ponzi burst and gas prices surged from $1/gallon in 1999, to $3 in late 2000, synergizing to create depressionary economic shock, resulting in a pronounced decline of national housing market. The economic shock of Dot-com bust and rising energy/oil prices in California caused many to sell their homes and flee out of state. 9/11 worsened the economic shock as media spread rumors of corporate exodus from NYC. The media-portrayed economic outlook for NYC was pretty grim, and spurred native NYers to sell their homes to escape economic depression.

The economic shock was further worsened by war, declining dollar, and the entry of China into WTO in 2001, killing off any remaining industry that sustained the domestic economy. With 9/11 and the burst of Dot-com ponzi, the economic powerhouses of California and NYC were death-knelled; China's entrance into WTO, delivering the final blow to manufacturing. The only remaining industry US had was war and the last thing of value left was housing/land.

The only thing left to sell was housing, but this devastating state of the economy was not something unforeseen, infact it was planned, and was part of the greater Neoliberal globalization process of shifting the economic engine away from manufacturing and towards financialization, where asset bubbles (stocks/housing) and offshoring become the foundation of the economy. The Dot-com asset bubble was the first ponzi in the post-Soviet world, in which China and others were allowed to participate in. It served phenomenally well as an economic engine, creating trillions in fake wealth via increased debt and the wealth effect. Tech industry was revealed to be bogus and went bust, but not before the production of the newly minted billionaires who succeeded in accumulating funds for wasteful, unproductive ponzi growth. But all was calm on the Neoliberal front as they moved forward to restart the economic engine with another ponzi. As Paul McCulley of Pimco said in July 2001, Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble to replace the Nasdaq bubble. "There is room," he wrote, "for the Fed to create another bubble in housing prices."

Neoliberal policymakers had prepared, well in advance, the conditions to create and sustain a housing bubble to serve as an economic engine after the Dot-com ponzi burst. They repealed Glass-Steagal, deregulated the industry, loosened lending standards, ignored/repealed immigration laws, promoted foreign investment, acquired cheap properties before the bubble, and removed undesirables from NYC, DC, LA. Guilliani, with backing from Chertoff, Bloomberg and Soros, was cleaning up NYC and purging undesirables in the years preceding the housing bubble, fulfilling a necessary part to attract wealthy buyers. Bloomberg, Epstein, Soros, Kushner, and many connected people like Israelis, Sapir and Leviev, were buying cheap properties well before opening up the NYC housing market to global bubble speculators. Grand plans for turning Brooklyn and Queens into copies of Manhattan and build skyscrapers were being advertised in the news in 1999. Media began a campaign effort to popularize housing mania with TV shows like Extreme Makeover. NYC Walk series would tour various low-class affordable neighborhoods and discuss the current plans to gentrify NYC neighborhoods to attract wealthy buyers. After enacting housing-ponzi-friendly policies, Clinton publicizes his move to Harlem, kickstarting gentrification and birthing the hipster movement. In the wake of 9/11, to kickstart housing bubble and tourism, Bloomberg calls the world to come to NYC and hails it as "Greatest City," transforming the once blue-collar city into an upscale tourist mecca, while reinforcing Guiliani's police state: undesirable natives being misled and told to escape NYC, not knowing that they were being removed to make way for new arrivals who pay more for shelter. Relaxed immigration enforcement and policies expanding immigration were enacted to increase demand for housing. Bush conspired with Greenspan and policy makers to create a housing bubble, and purged whistleblowers. These were just some of the well-coordinated Neoliberal maneuvers to birth a housing bubble and transform formerly blue-collar homes into financial instruments for the rich to sustain their economic ponzi.

With the lucrative properties acquired for cheap and undesirables removed, it was time to lift the curtains up and invite a stampede of hungry, salivating migrants and investors. These out-of-towners were hungry for a piece of the American pie and were a blank slate with no hesitation to pay ridiculous amounts for a house that a local would not even touch in a dollar auction. After all, the foreigner has no price history knowledge, no experience with Western lifestyle, and is extremely motivated in owning a Western home. To a Chinese or Indian, a NYC ghetto shack (that a native paid $50k for) is a house they could never dream of owning back home; to them a $1 million price tag is a bargain, especially when considering that they will crowd the shelter with 30 occupants as is traditional. So the Neoliberal overlords silently continued with their policies to attract waves of foreign participants into formerly local housing markets in order to hyperinflate housing... and hyperinflate they did!

When SHTF, what's it gonna be like?

Coordinated nationwide gentrification via mass migration and foreign investors, pricing out locals, preventing family formation, forcing room-mating, and creating a massive homeless epidemic. A perpetually swelling underclass easily disposed of through existing population control outlets: drugs/suicide epidemic.
Housing will only be accessible to rich in formerly cheap locations (NYC, Cali)

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Dima Abdurakhmanov:
Official Axed, Exposed Threat Of U.S. Housing Bubble Crash

A new government report showing the underlying weakness of the U.S. housing market and financial system, and an immediate demand by Wall Street that the head of the reporting agency be fired, has revealed a bruising and fight in Washington over a critical subject: the increasing rate of the financial disintegration, and what is to be done about it. The fight also shows the desperation of the Wall Street-City of London financier oligarchy, and the thuggery to which it will resort, to silence criticism and defend its unsalvageable, bankrupt financial system.

On Feb. 5, a mere 24 hours after the report's issuance, the Bush Administration demanded that OFHEO Director Armando Falcon submit his resignatio


In July 2001, Paul McCulley, an economist at Pimco, the giant bond fund, predicted that the Federal Reserve would simply replace one bubble with another. "There is room," he wrote, "for the Fed to create a bubble in housing prices"

Sarah Prior:

In response to the “” crisis, the Federal Reserve once again drastically lowered interest rates to spur economic growth.

This was also the point where the Bush Administration, along with the Alan Greenspan headed Federal Reserve, decided that “everyone” should own a home. Lending standards were relaxed and a variety of new mortgage structures were introduced by Wall Street in the quest to make money.

Liza Moor:

 Bernanke was just the man that Bush needed on the Fed for his re-election bid and was thus appointed just in time.
Let us see, in 2003, Bernanke wanted to artificially boost the economy in preparation for the Bush re-election in late 2004 and his own future appointment. He had read articles by some self-serving economists in 2002, if it hadn't occurred to him, that low interest rates could boost housing and that may lead the economy out of the recession. So, during the first half of 2003, Bernanke, as a Fed Governor, started to publicly lie about the deflation "threat" and how the Fed can always stop that by "printing money." Thus, the Fed, under Greenspan chairmanship back then, lowered the rates to "emergency" levels when the only real emergency was the Bush re-election. Greenspan was very happy to play along because his own reappointment in 2004 was contingent upon the economy visibly recovering.


Albert Cohen:

According to Fannie Mae’s report, as baby boomers exit their owner-occupied homes there could be a glut of new homes and steep decline in price-- returning to historic, pre-globalization levels. 

Government Solutions to prevent a return to home affordability includes Mass Immigration, which spurred the dramatic price surge in housing booms 1 and 2.

Adjust immigration policy to create more potential homeowners, to keep hyperinflated prices afloat.
Advocates for this tactic suggest that creating more legal households would increase the number of potential owner-occupants in the market.


I own a bunch of properties... Did you know that most landlord's in New York City are related? Most of the building's owned by the Jewish community, especially in NYC were originally abandoned and just squated in, eventually the Jewish families got the rights to those buildings for nothing.

It still amazes me that people dont understand the purpouse of "zero tolerance" and how it worked. It went like this: Zero Tolerance meant that ppl doing nothing were under constant harassment such as "stop and frisk", which lead to them eventually being purged from NY areas, which enabled gentrification of said areas. This exodus of native ppl followed by a flood of foreigners lead to a surge in housing price. I would not be surprised if Zero Tolerance was a scheme cooked up by a bunch of mafioso real estate speculators.

Drop property values by 90%, then you buy as many distressed properties as possible and reverse the policies, then you make 1000% return on your investment. Classic bankster carpetbagging scam which was used in the great depression when the Federal reserve first inflated the monetary supply and then deflated it causing the american economy to implode and valuable assets being sold for cents on the dollar to the handful of people who controlled credit access. The great depression was totally artificial! 

Congrats on accomplishing your plan, Bloomberg, Soros, Bush, Clinton and the neocons:

Send industries overseas
Turn cities into Rust Belt
Buy up all properties for cheap
Import foreigners to hyperinflate housing
Force suburban whites to flock to your globalist mecca in order to escape unemployment in their rust belt hellscape
Gentrification and housing bubble accomplished

>buying up vacant land and decrepit property there on the cheap.
 People said the exact same thing about jersey city, Hoboken, Williamsburg, greenpoint and now they are all $$$$

The reason those places became high value property is because the real estate value in Manhattan exploded, and thus the middle class could only move into those shitty neighborhoods at the time

Justin Wagner:

Of the top 10 richest members of the senate and Congress, the only 2 who made their largest share of their fortune on real estate are Pelosi ($46 million) currently invested in real estate. The other is Diane Feinstein who at her at her peak owned $15 million worth in real estate in 2009 and is now currently at $5 million. Her biggest asset now is her $37 million stake in Carlton Hotels.

2 of our most influential power brokers essentially got rich on real estate. If you want to know why real estate is in the state it is. No laws are made without Pelosi's approval.

 Blackrock sells obligations that the federal reserve finances with zero interest loans. Blackrock then uses this money to buy these houses. They are acting on a federal reserve mandate because they are the plunge protection team now retasked with keeping housing prices high to protect all the derivates that the jews have created. If housing prices fall, loans will have to be renegotiated and pension funds will be fucked, so that cannot be allowed to happen.

Frida Juarez Hirschbein:
normal people need to live in shipping containers and eat bugs, only the inner party gets access to houses

Fed is buying 40 billion of MBS each month, ultimately this is jew money printing scam
The entire market is fake and will never be allowed to significantly come down in price due to this reason. 

The housing bubble won't pop just yet even with Blackrock being the Liaison for the Feds damage control, this ride is just getting stsrted anon. They will never raise intrest rates, the markets and ((infinite growth)) boomer economics must continue until a loaf of bread costs as much as filling up your car take with gas. "Fuck you I got mine" is alive and well just like it was in 2008.

So in New York they have built these massive condo towers for foreigners to launder money in. People from all over the world buy 30, 40, 50 million dollar condos in these buildings to hide money in. Some billionaire paid 240 million for a unit in one of these buildings.

Is this the dystopian future? Internationals living 1000 ft in the air with all the poor and working class in their shadows?

Jews thriva on churn. They will gobble up real estate at rock bottom prices, then get the mayor to order the police to start to harass negroes again until they move away so that gentrification can start, then cash in. This was the real reason for new york police zero tolerance policies. It did not "solve" new yorks crime problem, it just shifted it elsewhere.

Depress property values before developers come in, buy up all the waterfront property and turn them into high-rise condos for sale to overseas criminals to park their money in offshore? Because that's what happened in Miami/Miami Beach where I'm from.

What if I told you we never actually recovered from the 2008 financial crisis and in fact have been living in an economic depression since 2011? What if I told you every level of government is conspiring to cover it up because what it would mean for the world economy? And what if I told you the COVID pandemic was primarily a tool used to further allow this illusion? Would it really be that farfetched if all these were true at this point?

    who live where ever the fuck who want and burn down any house that don't want there. They don't only anything but a piece of paper. Who founds a blackrock house and burn it down if no one is there. They now own rubble. We will not eat bugs and we will not live in pods. We will eat steak and live in the house you paid trillions for because we can.

And the money to pump up the Ponzi came from stripping away the interest payments on Grandpa’s and Grandma’s bank CDs and other low-risk investments that used to produce a return in excess of inflation.

Since 2001 most markets had their real estate prices triple. Go to any region and look at historical values on something and you can see various sell and buy prices for it. Trend holds no matter where you look. Even cheapshit in like, georgia, still did a 3x in the past 20 years. but wages have not increased

Giuliani was their guy on the ground on 9/11
That would be Bernard Kerik, who went to prison for taking Israeli bribes, and was in Israel right before 9/11. He was NYPD police commissioner under Giuliani. And guess what. He's now a consultant to Fox News about Epstein and Iran. As seen last night on Judge Jeanine.

Giuliani replaced the Nostra with Neocons.
>pic related: Giuliani with Chertoff
Chertoff is the co-author of the Patriot Act and own the body scanner company. This guy made billions by creating TSA and selling it body scanners. Body scanners are humiliating machines that expose your body to the TSA agents for the purpose of "safety".

Norman Podhoretz, another PNAC neocon, was an advisor to Giuliani in implementing their globalist policies to transform NYC. Podhoretz also advised Clinton, Bush etc..

PNAC is deeply affiliated with Israeli interests, who were also involved in acquiring cheap NYC real estate prior to implementing their project to turn NYC into a billionaire playground.